DIY Solar Generator

Jan - 10

DIY Solar Generator

This will be a general overview of what would be required for a Solar Generator. There is equipment that implement 2 or more of these out there, but for simplicity we will break it down into 4 Basic Devices.

Solar Panel(s)

Where the magic happens, these are what “generates” the electricity from exposure to sunlight. They come in all shapes and sizes, from Rigid (more efficient), to Flexible (less efficient). Dependent on your needs, you can get ones that produce 10W(very little) all the way to 350W+(pretty good) per panel. This part will require research on your part for the amount you need in your system.

Solar Charge Controller(SCC)

Think of this as the buffer between the Panels and the Battery. This is what takes in the DC electricity provided by the panels, cleans it up, and either pushes to the Battery or a designated Load(i.e. a light). This will be dependent on your needs, as if you don’t worry about your battery, this may not be required, but in most case you want to keep it safe, and have it in the circuit. The SCC can also sense the battery, and prevent overcharging if you don’t use the energy often. You will need to math out how much wattage will be provided from the panels, and how much your battery will hold.


Speaking from personal experience, there are decent amounts of availability for this part. The battery is what holds the electricity provided so far, until it con be used for what ever you might use it for. I personally built a Li-ion Battery with 100 ‘18650’ cells, creating a battery with over 2.2KW with a kit from VRUZEND. Pretty fun, solder-less too.


So you have created a generator. Panel makes power, SCC moves that power to the Battery, and the Battery Stores it. Now you need a means to move the power to what ever you need it for. The easiest way to do this it to connect an inverter to the Battery, and use the 110/240 AC that it can provide. A lot of availability for these, so do your research.


Here are the general guide lines for a Solar Generator. This is just a vague outline so that anyone can get the general idea. As you have probably heard, there are multiple ways that these have been implemented, and I will go over these in the future.

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