DIY Solar- Our Mission

Jan - 10

DIY Solar- Our Mission

The goal for DIY Solar is to help others with projects they may be thinking about doing with a general overview of “How To”, with list of supplies and equipment that may be required. This by all means is not a by the book kind of site, so feel free to stray. That’s half the fun (,unless it’s voltage).

These DIYs are First Hand

All the DIYs are firsthand, or have been given serious thought. I by all means am not a perfect person, so feel free to shoot me some recommendations on how I could improve my designs, and how I might guide others in the future.

Use This to Brainstorm

There’s no such thing as a dumb Idea, unless it’s unsaid. Ask, communicate, Feel free to help each other out.

Keep it Professional

Please keep it calm, no need for foul language. This might be the internet, but we can try to keep it civil.


This is meant to help people, so help each other, help me help you, and we will all come out of this with more than we had( and hopefully with some cool stuff too.).

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